October 07, 2013 - Team Dysania

Captain's Log: 2013.10.07

  • Finished GitHub Commit onebox (PR #159)
  • Finished Twitter onebox (PR #161)
    • Discourse uses Twitter API, which requires oAuth
    • But, we're making a gem, not an application
    • We'll use HTML module to parse instead to make it easier
    • Might run into problems with protected tweets later -- these should only output the tweet URL if the user is not allowed access to that URL
  • Created 2 new issues
    • We don't want protected tweets to be oneboxed ( #162)
    • Time display conversion for JSON oneboxes ( #160)
  • Google Hangout with Discourse mentors next Tuesday
  • Everybody's tired! Early turn-in
    • Keep on making oneboxes for v1.1.0...again


October 02, 2013 - Team Dysania

Captain's Log: 2013.10.02

  • Discussed Affordable Healthcare Act and being able to handle high salaries
  • Broke GitHub onebox specs since they should have been failing
    • Using JSON responses with regular URLs, when actual HTTP responses are in HTML
    • No URL conversion yet
  • Added custom #url reader methods and #matcher methods to GitHub Pull Request and Gist oneboxes
    • Extracted pieces of URL using named captures
    • PR #157
    • Fixed (issues #137 and #144)
    • Lots of regex!
  • Realized GitHub Commit oneboxes are using HTML module, should switch to JSON module and have same format as Pull Request and Gist (issue #156)
  • How to fix commit messages with git interactive rebase
    • git rebase -i HEAD~<# of commits>
  • Changed RSpec command line options
    • --format documentation
    • --fail-fast - stop on first failing test
    • --backtrace
  • 104 STARS!
    • Keep on making oneboxes for v1.1.0...again


October 01, 2013 - Team Dysania

Captain's Log: 2013.10.01

  • pizza....pizza.... thanks, Capt'n!
  • Updated our fork of Discourse from discourse/discourse
    • git fetch upstream master
    • git pull --rebase origin master
    • in our case, dysania\discourse, fix merge conflicts since we deleted onebox related files in our copy
    • git --rebase continue
  • Started a discussion with Discourse team re: todo list for Onebox integration into Discourse
  • Captain Kurt started thread on meta.discourse.org
  • Vyki added Kinomap onebox
  • JZ added GitHub Blob onebox
  • Pull Request from new contributor to update README
    • Used [ci skip] to prevent tests from running, neat!
  • Discussed the origins of Rails, Basecamp, and DHH
  • 98 Stars!
    • Check out bash-it, a rip off of oh-my-zsh
    • Keep on making oneboxes for v1.1.0...again



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